We provide a blend of business strategy, marketing services and behavioural change techniques to help grow the business of our clients. We work for blue chip companies, and smaller companies where we often have an embedded function to help them grow their business. Manor Cottage Studios Marketing

An Overall Marketing Plan and an Understanding of the Role of Your Team in its Delivery is Crucial to The Success of Your Company

Our strategic and tactical planning plus detailed marketing services help you develop your business to achieve what you want. Employing our services will help ensure that your communications with both new and existing customers will help grow your business.

Our Partners in our marketing division are EXL Services Ltd who were established in 1994 and are member of The Direct Marketing Association and are fully registered for the handling of UK and international data from around the globe.

Their CCM system, Communications Cycle Management © has helped companies to achieve this growth by making more effective use of their marketing budgets and helping their Marketing staff with specialist skills not always available in house. We also provide sales and marketing lead management and financial software for our clients to use, all written in-house.

The proposition is simple: by encouraging the right behaviours, you will drive your business performance!

Manor Cottage Studios Marketing


Our Behavioural Change division specialises in tailor made solutions
to solve your people performance
problems. We work in partnership
with you, establishing the principles
of behavioural science within your
work situation and use this to
enable us to understand what will
work with your customers.

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