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Any business is important to those that rely upon it for their livelihood. It is therefore essential that the best impression be given to any customer or prospective customer as they walk through the main doors.

Marketing will brief them, websites will inform them but when they walk through the door......

Get a fully featured two way text service from just 3p per SMS!

If you have ever wondered whether text messaging could help promote your business why not speak to our partners, Precise SMS.  They have every tool you need to make the most of text messaging and have automated pretty much everything so you don't have to lift a finger! They can even integrate it with your own systems!  With the cost of letters and phone calls on the increase, getting a message directly into someones hand for 3p makes absolute sense

  • Free Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) - allowing you to receive texts as well as send them
  • Free & unlimited inbound messages to your inbox - you don't pay for receiving text messages
  • Transparent fees - no hidden charges, pay only for your monthly text allowance
  • Instant access from any PC or smartphone with internet access - no software to install
  • Contact Management - store & manage your contact details
  • Group Management - create groups of contacts for one click bulk sending
  • Message Templates - create templates for regular messages
  • Keywords - Automatically respond to inbound texts just like on TV & Radio advertising
  • Upload bulk messages using Microsoft excel and send custom messages to each recipient
  • Automatic email forwarding of inbound messages - send replies back through your email
  • 10% discount - when you subscribe today through Paypal

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Short Message Solutions provides a simple web based solution that can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. Whether you want to send, receive or automatically process text messages, we offer a class leading, fully inclusive two way service starting from just 3p per message with a totally transparent pricing structure, no hidden fees and a 7 day free trial.

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