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Your living is determined not by what life brings to you, but by what you bring to life - John Homer Miller


Manor Cottage Studios - Corporate Thinking in the Peace of a Rural Setting

Manor Cottage Studios cannot lay claim to great longevity, nor to highly connected partners, but can boast connections with some of the great innovative technologies of our time, being part of the implimentation team of both the Coview and Ke2 technologies.

Borne in rural Wiltshire, Manor Cottage Studios soon found it necessary to move to larger premises and moved the incredibly long distance to The Old Stables at Manor Farm just down the road. In the new premises the studios continued to expand and take on further clients both locally and further afield.

Each new client brought new needs to master further technologies and add it to the 'stable' of software technologies we were able to offer successive clients. Working with, and drawing inspiration from, some of the most innovative modern day artists and designers, a new style and empathy with the needs and frustrations of the client, struggling to convey their important message to a sometimes sceptical public, was born.

Come visit us and discuss your own particular requirements, let us help you find the perfect image or solution.

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Call us on 01249 760597, whatever your problem, we can help.

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