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Small and Private Clients and the roles we have fulfilled in their organisations and projects we have supported them on.

Compton Bassett Village Site

Village websites tend to often be the result of a committee meeting late in the evening when someone is volunteered to take care of it and learns how to use Wordpress or similar and to be honest it usually shows. They often fall very quickly by the wayside too when the enormity of the task dawns on the 'volunteer'. With the need for the Parish Council to be seen to be transparent to the parishoners grant funding was obtained from the transparency fund and the new website was brought to life. Our site is now being hit by a minimum of 600 hits per month and when an event is being planned or in the aftermath by in excess of 1,000 permonth.

What makes this the more remarkable is that the village population is now at it's lowest level for hundreds of years at just over 200 people. It has become an international source of information on Compton Bassett and the surrounding area being used as an information resource by local newspapers and national periodicals.

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The Bristol & West Working Gun Dog Society

The Bristol & West is a gundog owners society dedicated to promoting and encouraging the training of gundogs to work in the field, to compete in Gundog Working Tests and Field Trials. They have three sections, Spaniels, Retrievers and Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR). The outgoing webmaster had been working for years until it had got too much for him and had advised the Chairman that it should be looked after professionally. As a result of our work with the Wiltshire Working Gundog Society we attended their AGM several years ago when the Chairman of Bristol & West approached us and said, "Can I have a word with you?". We then had to work out how to decide what they wanted and what they had and produce the site which they currently have.

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Divine Cafe

Wiltshires finest roadside coffee shop and tea room is one always trying to rethink itself and invent new ways of bringing greater enjoyment to its vistors. With a range of new teas already available for the discerning tea drinker and a complete range of new coffees due at the time, the means of communicating their offering to customers new and old needed to be addressed. Their previous web designer had retired and the owner was fast understanding that her had better things to do with his time than trying to understand how to maintain or update a website. We had for years been doing the odd bit of graphic work and so pitched for the work over a delightful cappuccino under the roofed patio area. The kind of way that all business should be conducted. Working with what they already had and using their aspirations for the future we combined the latest technologies into the site they wanted.

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Wiltshire Working Gundog Society

The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society was formed in 1991 with the aim, which remains true today, of developing and improving gundog handling by

  • Promoting and encouraging the training of gundogs for work in the field by holding gundog training classes and seminars
  • Organising Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests
  • Encouraging high standards in breeding sound, pure-bred gundogs, free from hereditary faults

A chance conversation with the treasurer at the time, who saw me walking my own labrador through the village, resulted in me starting a long association with several Gundog clubs across the south.

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