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Design and programming are human activities; forget that and all is lost. ~ Bjarne Stroustrup


Most successful software projects became successful because first and foremost, the program was impressive or did something no other program could do at the time. That doesn't necessarily mean the source is well-documented, if at all, since the programmers which began the project to begin with knew the code well enough to not need it. It's an unfortunate reality that many software projects don't have to be well-documented. It either has to be a good program or be a mediocre program but well-documented for programmers to express interest in it. We can provide expertise to de-bug, or simply to understand the software and then produce documents to enable others to jump in and carry on development or to de-bug complex code or mathematics.

We can provide all levels of documentation from detailed design statements and documented code through to printed user guides and on-line help. Paper or electronic/web based training materials can also be produced.

We have been involved for many years in developing help (Robohelp, HTML and MS Word), user guides (MS Word and PDF format) and on-line demos (using Camtasia) for world leading engineering software products as well as clients such as the Planning Inspectorate.

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